3rd Announcement ECD2021

Announcements | September 26th, 2021

The European Cryogenics Days 2021 will be held online on the 3rd and the 4th of November 2021. The event will open with the annual General Meeting of the Cryogenics Society followed by invited plenary talks.

Read more about the program of the ECD2021 in the 3rd Annoucement.

Here you may find information about Poster and Exhibition opportunties.

Go directly to the ECD-2021 website for registration and more information

ECD2021 - 2nd Announcement

Announcements | July 31st, 2021

The ECD2021 will be held online on the 3rd and 4th of November. Read the 2nd announcement for more information about the program of the event.

ICEC Awards

Announcements | July 31st, 2021

Gustav and Ingrid Klipping Award

The International Cryogenic Engineering Committee awards a young researcher for outstanding work in cryogenic engineering. The award is named after Gustav and Ingrid Klipping to commemorate their enormous contributions to the field of cryogenics and more specifically to recognize their active role in involving young researchers. The award will be given on the occasion of the International Cryogenic Engineering Conference, which is held every two years. The next Conference will be in Hangzhou, China, 25 – 29 April, 2022. The candidate shall be 35 years old or younger on 25 April 2022.


The awardee will receive a certificate and a check of 1000 CHF, plus a waiver of the registration fee of the ICEC conference at which the prize is to be awarded. The prize will only be awarded if the winner attends the conference and at the conference presents a paper on his or her recent research.


The candidate must be nominated by a person who is active in the field of cryogenic engineering. The nomination should be supported by the person who has supervised the research work for which recognition is sought. Note that the latter person may be different from the nominator and, furthermore, that the host institution where the cited work was conducted can be different from the awardee’s past or present employers.

Nominations shall be sent via email to the chairman of the ICEC, by October, 11th, 2021 at the latest.

The (electronic) nomination package should include:

  • the completed nomination form,
  • the nominee’s detailed curriculum vitae (résumé) (see details in the nomination form),
  • ID photo of a good quality and preferably in colour,
  • a presentation of the candidate by the nominator, with an assessment of the candidate’s career in science and/or practice with a detailed explanation of the candidate’s achievements motivating the award,
  • in case the nominator did not supervise the work that recognition is sought for, the presentation should be supported by the supervisor of that work,
  • a copy of an official document attesting the nominee’s date of birth,
  • copies of the publications on the research work to be honored.


The nominations will be voted on by the board members of the International Cryogenic Engineering Committee. The winner will be notified by November, 30th, 2021 at the latest so that he or she can arrange to attend the 2022 conference.

Previous Recipients of the Gustav and Ingrid Klipping Award:

  • 2014: Yonghua Huang, China
  • 2016: Haishan Cao, China
  • 2018: Jingyuan Xu, China
  • 2020: Andrew May, UK

Nomination form

New career opportunities available

Careers | April 11th, 2021

See our career section for new job opportunities in the field.

BCC Cryogenics Course 2021 - online

Announcements | March 17th, 2021

The British Cryogenics Council organizes a course on cryogenics engineering. The course will be held online starting on April 12th 2021. lt will last four half-days and provide an introduction to the main topics of cryogenics engineering. Have a look at the flyer and to the official website for more information. 

Registration is already open and will close on April 5th.

Two job openings at kiutra

Careers | February 28th, 2021

See our career section.

Retirement of the CSA managers

Announcements | January 27th, 2021

On January 19th we received a farewell message (see below) of Werner and Laurie Huget announcing their retirement as managers of the Cryogenic Society of America after 42 years (!) of service to that Society. That is a loss! Not only has their work been of extreme value to the cryogenics community in the USA, but also to all working in cryogenics worldwide. They were always trying to connect to societies, associations or institutes that were active in cryogenics. Laurie’s dedication to the promotion of cryogenics has been inspirational for us as well.
Only four days after the foundation of the CSE on April 22nd in 2015, we received a congratulation message of Laurie offering us to publish our efforts in the CSA journal Cold Facts and suggesting cooperation between the two societies. It shows the active and efficient way of working of Laurie: immediate action and open for cooperation and initiatives. Since then indeed many events organized by the CSE where promoted in Cold Facts.
On behalf of the Cryogenics Society of Europe, we thank Laurie and Werner for their decades of work for the whole cryogenics community. We wish both many pleasant and healthy years to come, in which they can enjoy their well-deserved retirement.

Marcel ter Brake, Chairman CSE
Andrea Raccanelli, Secretary CSE


Farewell message by Werner and Laurie Huget

January 19, 2021

Dear CSA colleagues:

We want to thank each of you who has been a part of our business and personal lives over the more than 42 years we’ve been involved with the Cryogenic Society of America.
We founded Huget Advertising together in 1976 and shortly thereafter, through our client Liquid Carbonic, we became involved with the Society. Soon we were asked to take on more tasks and when the Society was moved to Illinois, we took on the job of Records Secretary—first Werner and then Laurie. In 1985 things changed when Laurie was made Executive Director. We put our efforts into developing membership, corporate and individual, as well as building the fledgling Cold Facts—at first a four-page newsletter and eventually an internationally acclaimed four-color magazine.
Through all the changes and growth of CSA, we have been blessed with wonderful employees, especially the talented editors who succeeded Laurie in the full-time job of creating the CSA’s editorial products. Werner continually pushed us all to improve our member services and our outreach. He was instrumental in moving the magazine from four times per year to six, with the Buyer’s Guide serving a real need in the cryogenic and superconductivity markets. Then came the NewsFlashes and the CryoChronicle enewsletter.
CSA has been blessed with great board members and leaders who have fostered its development into an international force. This is a shout-out to all the board members, officers and the experts who have taught short courses and webinars for the Society that drew enthusiastic global participation. The Space Cryogenics Workshops were made possible through the dedication and hard work of the co-chairs. The collegiality of the participants in the workshops has always made organizing these events special.
Corporate Sustaining Members are the lifeblood of CSA. Your involvement, steadfast commitment and financial support of programs and activities make it possible for CSA to continue building a more vibrant and connected global cryogenic community.
Over the years we have developed personal relationships with many talented people through international conferences and workshops. It has been a privilege to know so many brilliant engineers, scientists, academicians and entrepreneurs who have made significant contributions to the world of cryogenics. It has been especially delightful and rewarding to have made so many of you our friends.
Helping businesses, government, private laboratories and academic institutions get the word out about their accomplishments has been its own reward.                    
On February 1, 2021, we are retiring as managers of CSA, but we will remain vitally interested in you and your accomplishments and pursuits. Please keep in contact with us. We will be available at Huget Advertising, and

Cryo is Cool!

Werner and Laurie Huget