Membership Benefits

Members can be individual or corporate, from university or non-university but in any case need to be Europe-based or demonstrate connections with Europe.

Individual Membership

  • Access to the CSE website protected pages (Q+A, member info, discussion forum, literature references etc….).
  • Receive the CSE newsletter by email.
  • Discounts on registration fees for CSE-sponsored courses, conferences, workshops and other activities.
  • Invaluable networking with peers and those in areas outside your specialty as well as access to expert, up-to-the-minute news and technical information.

Corporate Sustaining Membership

In addition to the Individual Membership benefits, Corporate Members receive:

  • Listing on the CSE website, including contact information, a short profile and a link to the corporate member’s website.
  • The possibility to advertise on the CSE website, newsletter and publications.
  • Advertising and marketing opportunities at events organized by the CSE.
  • Opportunity to contribute “Spotlight on Sustaining Member” pieces and technical articles.
  • Access to the call for tender database of the CSE.
  • Through the CSE, connection to European research organizations and policy and decision makers.


Individual membership fees

  • Regular 40 €/year
  • Student or retiree 25 €/year

Corporate Membership fees

Corporate Sustaining Membership is available to companies, educational institutions, government and private scientific laboratories or agencies, or any organization involved in cryogenics or a related field. Corporate members may decide to sustain the CSE with one of the following fee categories:

  • Corporate member – non profit: 300 €/year
  • Corporate member – small enterprise: 300 €/year
  • Corporate sustaining member, regular: 600 €/year
  • Corporate sustaining member SILVER: 1200 €/year
  • Corporate sustaining member GOLD: 2400 €/year

Although it would be desirable that corporate members register with a fee level appropriate to their size (less than 10 employees = small enterprise, very large companies SILVER or GOLD sustaining membership) , the choice of the membership level is free and up to the applicant corporate member. Sustaining members SILVER and GOLD will have additional privileges, also in terms of visibility.

Members can enter the Society at any moment and need to pay an annual fee, as specified above. In the first year of membership, the fee will be starting at the first day of the quarter following enrollment and is in proportion to the remaining part of the calendar year. Membership can be stopped by written (or email) notice of termination by the member. Notice of termination may be given at the end of the calendar year, with a notice period of at least four weeks.

The Board can grant relief from the obligation to pay a contribution fully or partially to members in special situations.