The Society

The CSE was founded on April 22nd, 2015
The objectives of the CSE are:

  • to strengthen the European position of cryogenic technologies.
  • to represent European activities in cryogenic technologies in social, scientific, industrial and political forums.
  • to promote communication and information exchange in the area of cryogenic technologies.
  • to foster the training of young researchers in the area of cryogenic technologies.
  • to bring together those active in cryogenic technologies and potential user communities so as to stimulate applications of these technologies.

The Association is not profit-oriented.

The first General Meeting of the CSE was held on June 4th, 2015 in Grenoble as part of the European Cryogenics Days 2015.

Mission and Objectives

The CSE will seek to achieve the above mentioned objectives by:

  • establishing a website; This CSE website has an open-access part with material that is provided by CSE members. It for instance shows information on events and projects, and will have links to CSE-member websites, facilities and products. The website will also have a newsletter that is open-access.The website will also contain a part that is protected and only accessible for members. This part will hold directories and other information relevant to the members.supporting the organization of conferences and workshops in the area of cryogenic technologies; The CSE will organize specialized meetings on topics relevant to CSE members.
  • supporting the organization of industrial exhibitions and symposia in the area of cryogenic technologies.
  • supporting the organization of schools and courses in the area of cryogenic technologies.
  • supporting the participation of young researchers in workshops and conferences in the area of cryogenic technologies.
  • supporting European research proposals and projects in the area of cryogenic technologies.

Board Members

A CSE start-up Board has been formed consisting of Ronald Dekker of Demaco, The Netherlands as the treasurer (, Andrea Raccanelli of Cryovac, Germany as the secretary ( and Marcel ter Brake, University of Twente, The Netherlands as the chairman (

At the first General Meeting held in Grenoble on June 4th, 2015 the members of the start-up board have been confirmed in charge and have been joined by Lionel Duband of CEA, Grenoble and Christopher Haberstroh of the Technical University of Dresden, Germany.