Board Members

A CSE start-up Board has been formed consisting of Ronald Dekker of Demaco, The Netherlands as the treasurer (, Andrea Raccanelli of Cryovac, Germany as the secretary ( and Marcel ter Brake, University of Twente, The Netherlands as the chairman (

At the first General Meeting held in Grenoble on June 4th, the members of the start-up board have been confirmed in charge and have been joined by Lionel Duband of CEA, Grenoble and Christopher Haberstroh of the Technical University of Dresden, Germany. At the end of 2018 Ronald Dekker resigned from his position. During the 4th General Meeting in Oxford the assembly elected Tonny Benschop as new treasurer.

terbrakeMarcel ter Brake has over 30 years of experience in cryogenic technologies and superconducting devices. He was appointed Full Professor and chair holder of Energy, Materials and Systems at the University of Twente per January 1st 2010. Next to cryogenic technologies, this research chair investigates the use of superconductivity in large-current applications. Marcel ter Brake (co)-promoted 10 PhD theses and published more than 150 papers. He chairs the International Cryogenic Engineering Committee and is board member of the European Society for Applied Superconductivity.

Tonny Benschop has been elected by the assembly new CSE treasurer during the 4th General Meeting, held in September 2018 in Oxford.

raccanelliAndrea Raccanelli graduated in physics in Rome and had his PhD in Bonn. Before moving to industry, he worked in research institutions in California (Caltech), Italy (Univ. of Roma Tre, CNR Bologna) and Germany (MPI for Radioastronomy, Univ. of Bonn, Research Center in Jülich). He is currently head of R&D at Cryovac GmbH. His experience with cryogenics started over 20 years ago and includes applications for observational cosmology and astrophysics (LTD, 3He and DR coolers), polarized solid targets, SC magnets for particle accelerators, surface science/STM, and cryogenics safety. He started courses on cryogenics at the universities of Bonn and Aachen and he is regularly holding lectures and seminars on a European level.

dubandLionel Duband completed his PhD in Low Temperature Physics at the “Centre de Recherche sur les Très Basses Températures” (CRTBT) of the CNRS (Fr) in 1987. Since then his research has been focused on small cryocoolers, mostly for space applications. After 3 years at the Department of physics and the Space Sciences Laboratory of the University of Berkeley (USA), he joins the cryogenic engineering department (SBT) of the INAC Institute of CEA (FR). He has been project manager for the coolers onboard the IRTS and HERSCHEL satellites, successfully launched in 1995 and 2009 respectively. He is currently the project manager for the X-IFU instrument 50 mK cooler to be flown in the ATHENA satellite. From 2000 to 2013 he led the Cryocoolers and Space Applications laboratory and has been appointed director of SBT in 2013.

haberstrohChristoph Haberstroh graduated in physics and is now working at the department of mechanical engineering of the TU Dresden, acting as group leader (assistant professor) and person in charge for all cryogenic activities. He was involved in a large number of cryogenic projects and a variety of cryogenic problems for more than 20 years meanwhile. Focus of this R&D work is liquid helium and large scale helium liquefaction, as well as cryogenic hydrogen technology and related aspects (liquefaction, o-p conversion, dewar vessels, instrumentation). His teaching assignment comprises different courses on cryogenics and on liquid hydrogen technology, as well as international courses.


Beth Evans Beth Evans graduated in physics before gaining a PhD from the Institute of Cryogenics at the University of Southampton, UK. She first worked in cryogenics while a student at CERN. After graduating she worked at AS Scientific and then at the ISIS Neutron Source at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory. She is currently the Cryogenics group leader at JET (Joint European Torus) and the Chair of the British Cryogenics Council.


Former Members of the Board 

dekkerRonald Dekker is involved in cryogenic technology for 28 years. He joined the company Demaco Holland bv in 1987, first as general manager and from 1996 as owner of the company. Ronald Dekker was personally connected to large scale projects with cryogenic infrastructure for CERN, DESY, ISRO, NSRRC and major gas companies worldwide. Since 2014 he is giving guest lectures at the University of Twente (Netherlands) and the Cryo Course of VDI in Karlsruhe (Germany).