Intelliconnect Ltd.

CryoCoax specialises in the design and manufacture of cryogenic interconnect products. As a dedicated division of the Intelliconnect group, CryoCoax continues to go from strength to strength, providing cryogenic solutions to some of the biggest tech companies in the world.
By combining our decades of industry experience with innovative business practices, we remain one of the most respected Interconnect companies in the industry.

We are renowned for our dedicated customer support and reliability, our consistently high-quality products and our flexibility from start to finish.

Expertise and products/available facilities:

We provide cryogenic cable and component solutions to clients across the world, across a diverse range of applications and industries. Our products have capabilities to withstand temperatures to 2K and below.


  • Niobium Titanium Cable and Cable Assemblies to 40GHz
  • Cupro Nickel Cable and Cable Assemblies to 40GHz
  • Stainless Steel Cable and Cable Assemblies to 40GHz
  • Beryllium Copper Cable and Cable Assemblies to 40GHz
  • Non-Magnetic Cable and Cable Assemblies to 40GHz
  • 2.9mm + SMA  Adapters
  • Solderless 2.9mm and SMA Connectors
  • Sealed Adapters
  • Hermetic Connectors and Adapters
  • Attenuators
  • Low Temperature Hardware
  • SMP Connectors


  • Cryostats
  •  Quantum computers
  •  R&D projects
  •  Medical research
  •  X-ray machines
  •  Telescopes

Recent developments

  •  High density connectors.
  •  Solderless connector range covering more cable sizes and connector types