Statement of the Cryogenics Society of Europe

News > Announcements | March 14th, 2022

As many, all over the world, we are shocked by the war in Ukraine. We condemn the invasion of Ukraine by the Russian army and the violence used on innocent people. Every day we can witness these horrifying events. Our thoughts are with all people suffering from this violence. It is madness. The CSE is one society among the many international organisations in the world of researchers, engineers and scientists. We work together to solve problems, and we solve problems of global scale. We, all together, in no time managed to produce vaccines against a virus threatening the world. We solve problems. War never has been a solution. It only creates new problems, new conflicts, new traumas. We strongly call upon all people, and specifically those that can play a role in a resolution, to work together and find solutions. Start talking, no more war, no more violence!

The CSE Board

Marcel ter Brake, Tonny Benschop, Marion Kauschke, Beth Evans, Lionel Duband