CSE General Meeting 2020

News > Announcements | November 26th, 2020

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic this year's European Cryogenics Day and the General Meeting (GM) of the CSE could unfortunately not take place as originally planned.
The GM 2020 will now be organized as online event on zoom and is scheduled for December 3rd, 2020 starting at 8:45 am CET.

This event opens with a virtual get-together allowing us to setup the meeting and arrange for the voting process in the General Meeting. The GM will start at 9:00 or shortly after, as soon as all participants have been registered. After the General Meeting of the CSE, we will have a program with three presentations.  
Please use the following link for registration: https://forms.gle/eqPqhE9jgPPbRZrW8
Also presenters that have submitted abstracts are requested to register for the meeting via the link.

The tentative schedule is as follows:
08:45 opening Zoom session, virtual get-together and registration (agenda)
09:00 General Meeting of the Cryogenics Society of Europe  
10:20 (Virtual) Coffee break
10:30 Pascale Dauguet, Air Liquide: “Review of Air Liquide last 2K Cryoplant projects and last turbomachine developments” (abstract)
10:45 Sun Nora-bo, Pride Cryogenics: “Introduction to Pride Cryogenics: company and main products” (abstract)
11:55 Bellisimo Yu, Vacree Technologies: “Introduction to Vacree Technologies” (abstract)
11:05 Final remarks
11:30 Closing  
Please note that only CSE members have right of voting at the GM but attendance is open to non-members as well. Feel free to forward this communication to any interested party.
We look forward to welcoming you at the GM2020!
The CSE Board


Agenda of the CSE General Meeting

1.     Welcome
2.     Agenda of this GM
3.     Minutes 5th GM in Lund (7 October 2019)
4.     Annual report
5.     Finances:

  • Accounts for 2019 plus audit report;
  • Accounts 2020;
  • Budget 2020

6.     CSE support program
7.     Update on Cryocooler Survey
8.     Audit committee
9.     CSE events in 2021
10.   Next CSE-GM
11.   AOB


Abstracts of the presentations


Review of Air Liquide last 2K Cryoplant projects and last turbomachine developments
Authors: J.-M. Bernhardt, C. Gondrand, Y. Fabre, P. Dauguet
Refrigeration power at 1.8K or 2K is needed for most of the large particle accelerators, in order
to get optimised operating conditions of superconducting RF cavities. Air Liquide has
developed (since the 80's) Cryogenic Centrifugal Compressors in order to decrease the
pressure on helium baths down to liquid/gas equilibrium pressure in the range 10-30 mbar abs.
for 1.8K-2K helium bath temperatures. These compressors have demonstrated their reliability
and efficiency, with references successfully operated for more than 10 to 30 years at CEA Tore
Supra (now WEST), JLAB CEBAF and CERN LHC. The projects needing 1.8K - 2 K
refrigeration have multiplied in the last 10 years thanks to huge investments of US, Chinese
and Korean governments in the field of accelerators, giving us opportunities to design,
manufacture, install and start-up new 2K Cryoplants and apply our last turbomachine
developments to these projects. The presentation will be a short review of some of the last Air
Liquide 2K Cryoplant projects and turbomachine developments.


Introduction to Pride Cryogenics
Author: Sun Nora-bo
This presentation introduces the company Pride Cryogenics, Nanjing, China. The company
and its products will be discussed.
CSIC Pride (Nanjing) Cryogenic Technology Co., Ltd. (Pride Cryogenics) is a technology
oriented company concentrated on the development and manufacturing of cryocoolers and
cryogenic engineering application devices. Pride Cryogenics’ products include 4 K GM
cryocoolers, 10 K GM cryocoolers, 77 K GM cryocoolers, cryostats, helium reliquefier, gas
recovery, purification and liquefaction systems and other customized cryogenic systems.
1. Constantly focus on technology innovation.
2. Reliable capability and senior product performance.
3. Widely used in various application (superconducting magnet/ cryogenic physics/ magnet
1. Professional design and convenient implementation.
2. Worldwide representatives will assure on time shipping and fast reply.
3. Meet variety demands and requirements.



Introduction to Vacree Technologies
Author: Bellisimo Yu
This presentation introduces the company Vacree technologies, Hefei, China, its expertise,
products, applications and recent developments.
Expertise: design, engineering, manufacture, test, delivery and installation.
Vacree technologies produces cryostats, cryogenic helium purifiers, valve boxes, and multichannel
cryogenic transfer lines. All these products can be customized to meet various
requirements. The applicable standards can include ASME, EN, DIN, ISO. etc.
Typical applications can be found in research infrastructures or laboratories working on
superconducting particle accelerators and superconducting magnets, high-temperature
superconducting cables, space applications, defense, industrial gases, semiconductors and
optical fibers, etc.
Recent Developments:
1. Large Cryostat (4025x1450x2300mm) for SC spoke cavity for CiADS
2. 2 K (vertical test cryostat (Φ850x5200) for Peking University
3. 2K valve box for BEPCII
4. Multi-channel cryogenic transmission pipeline for SHINE
5. Vacuum insulated pipeline for FRIB
6. More than 50 sets Cryogenic Helium Purifier (99.999%) for big science projects and
industrial gas company.