CryoSpain Press Release

News > Announcements | January 25th, 2024

Cryospain‘s commitment to the design and implementation of the most cutting-edge cryogenic equipment means that we place ourselves again and again at the center of progress towards a more sustainable future.

On this occasion, we refer to our new project in Rotterdam, in which we have been involved in the design, procurement, manufacturing and supply of the vacuum insulated piping system for transportation, distribution and filling of tank trucks that will transport hydrogen in liquid state to final consumers.

Hydrogen is positioned as a promising source of clean energy in the progress towards decarbonization and the energy transition. However, the ability to store and transport hydrogen in liquid form is crucial to advance in this direction, since only companies that are capable of doing it efficiently and safely have the key to progress in their hands.

This is precisely where Cryospain comes into play, providing the technology and specialized equipment for the safe and efficient handling of hydrogen in its liquid state. Let’s see more about this project and our involvement in it.

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