the winning proposition of a hidden Swiss champion

WEKA is one of the global leaders for level indicators and cryogenic valves. Whether in the helium plants of
CERN, in hydrogen filling stations or in submarine tanks – WEKA products measure and regulate fluids and
fluid gases under challenging conditions. The cryogenic valves even work at a temperature of -270 degrees
Celsius. They are tight enough to handle a pressure of 1000 bar and thin-walled enough to give off almost
no warmth to the fluid.

A new film portrait demonstrates the reason behind WEKA’s success:

  1. We constantly develop our products further, cooperating with renowned research institutions such as the Karlsruhe Institute for Technology (KIT) or the ETH Lausanne (EPFL).
  2. We strive for the highest quality. Our products are required to function without any reworking or repair.
  3. We fulfil all our customers’ special requests.
  4. We give our highly qualified employees the freedom to live their passion for outstanding work.

One of our customers of many years captures our winning proposition in a nutshell: “Excellent quality,
excellent service, exceedingly innovative, customer-oriented solutions."

Additional Information

Expertise and Products:

WEKA Cryogenic Components provide solutions for handling fluids typically below 120K. Typical fluids are L/GHe & super fluid He-II, H2, Ne, Ar as well as Air Gases, up to 1000bar pressure.
The manufacturing range includes Cryogenic and Warm Control & Shut-Off Valves, High Pressure Valves for H2-Technolgy, Cryogenic Safety Valves, Transfer Line Couplings, Check Valves, Ejectors, Space Cryogenics Components, HTS Current Leads and customer specific developments!


Applications in basic research, in plasma and fusion research as well as in further cutting edge technologies are continuously requesting new product ideas and developments. Typical applications include the cooling of superconducting magnets, cables or acceleration cavities to attain higher research performance.