Founded in 1949 in Montreal – Canada, Velan earned a reputation of excellence as a major supplier of valves for most critical applications. With 17 specialized manufacturing plants in Canada, USA, Europe and Asia, Velan provides world’s leading industries with best technical solutions and high quality products.

Key Figures

VELAN group: 400 M€ turnover, 2000 employees
VELAN FRANCE: 70 M€ turnover, 255 employees

Scope of Supply

VELAN France, the french subsidiary of Velan group, is a world leader in valves for Nuclear, LNG and Cryogenic applications. With our field experience and technical expertise, we are able to supply any major project requiring first-class quality and perfect reliability. Our cryogenic control valves and safety relief valves have been supplied for superconductivity applications, particle accelerators, nuclear fusion, rocket launching pads, Helium and Hydrogen liquefiers.


Particle accelerators, Super conducting magnets, Nuclear fusion, Liquefiers, Rocket launching pads, etc…

Valve type Description
Globe valves Cryogenic bellows sealed control valves - down to 1.2 K
Cryogenic packing sealed control valves - down to 77 K
3 ways cryogenic control valves - down to 1.2 K
High pressure & severe application control valves - up to class 2500
Magnetic safety device To protect containers and pressure shells against overpressures for compressed fluids at ambient temperature orduring cryogenic discharge.
Quench relief valves To protect the superfluid helium of superconducting magnets against overpressure resulting from resistive transitions (Quench) as well as some of the cryogenic lines (QRL)

Recent Developments

Qualifications for operations under magnetic fields & irradiations