Vacree Technologies

Derived from cryogenics electronics institute of China, Vacree Technologies Co., Ltd. is the 1st cryogenics company in China since 2003. Vacree is a compound word from vacuum, cryogenics and electronics, which are the core expertise in the field of cryogenics. Vacree has been committed to the research and development of cryogenics & UHV equipment and system from very beginning.
As a national high-tech and cryogenics technology driven company, what we could offer is one-stop cryogenics solution, from design, engineering, manufacturing, testing, delivery and installation. Our engineering team has professional knowledge and experiences to deliver the high-quality cryogenic equipment. Besides, Vacree has the technology committee consist of the leading cryogenics experts in China, who can provide us valuable suggestions at the project stage.

Expertise and products

Expertise: design, engineering, manufacture, test, delivery and installation.
Our product includes:

  • Cryostat
  • Cryogenic Helium purifier
  • Valve box
  • Multi-channel cryogenic transfer line

All the abovementioned products can be customized to meet various requirements. The applicable standards can include ASME, EN, DIN, ISO. etc.



Typical applications can be found at the research infrastructures or laboratories based on the superconducting particle accelerator and superconducting magnet, HT superconducting cable, space, defense, industrial gas, semiconductor and optical fiber, etc.

Recent Development

  1. Large Cryostat (4025x1450x2300mm) for SC spoke cavity for CiADS
  2. 2K (vertical test cryostat (Φ850x5200) for Peking University
  3. 2K valve box for BEPCII
  4. Multi-channel cryogenic transmission pipeline for SHINE
  5. Vacuum insulated pipeline for FRIB
  6. Liquid Helium SC dipole cryostat for FAIR
  7. More than 50 sets Cryogenic Helium Purifier (99.999%) for big science projects and industrial gas company.