Scientific Instruments

Cryogenic Measurement Solutions

Scientific Instruments, Inc. was founded in 1967 by aeronautical engineer Jack Hoey and low temperature physicist Gilbert Halverson. Coming from aerospace and academic backgrounds, they saw a market need for cryogenic temperature measurement and developed the first commercially available Germanium Resistance Thermometer (GRT) and supplied these devices for use on the Apollo Lunar Program.

Today, Scientific Instruments, Inc is owned and operated by founder Jack’s daughter, Leigh Ann Hoey. An ISO 9001 certified company, Scientific Instruments is involved in the design and manufacturing of cryogenic temperature sensors for laboratory, industrial and medical applications, temperature indicators and controllers, petrochemical tank gauging systems for liquid natural gas (LNG) Storage tanks, and FAA-PMA certified temperature probes for commercial aircraft.

Additional Information

Expertise and Products

The company presently is active in six distinct product areas, although separate; these products are “synergistic” as they are technologically related to temperature and liquid level measurement and control. With one exception, all product areas supported by Scientific Instruments are related to cryogenic applications. These products include cryogenic temperature sensors, cryogenic temperature instruments (controllers/monitors), liquid natural gas-level, temperature & density gauge (LTD), aerospace temperature probes, aircraft temperature probes, and industrial probes.