Demcon Kryoz

At Demcon kryoz we are specialized in thermal systems engineering focusing on systems ranging from sub-ambient temperatures down to -273.15°C (0 Kelvin). Driven by unbounded curiosity, we explore the vast potential of technology to contribute to business and society. We have an open-minded approach to technological challenges, thinking in terms of endless possibilities rather than practical limitations.

As part of the Demcon group, we provide a wide range of competencies for new product introduction. We extend our broad expertise of thermal systems engineering with specialized disciplines such as mechatronics, optics and electronics. In addition, we are able to offer industrialization and manufacturing & assembly capabilities for volume production. Acting as the main contractor in large projects, we collaborate with customers, Demcon group members, knowledge partners and technology suppliers. With the help of our sophisticated quality system, in accordance with ISO 9001:2015, we supply high-quality, safe products. In medical product development we comply with ISO 13485:2016 and for management of occupational health and safety we adhere to the ISO 45001 standard.

Expertise and Products

We employ a wide range of expertises to support new product introductions. Our core competence is systems engineering which includes (thermal) system architecture & design, requirements management and extensive expertise with modeling and realizing (cryogenic) fluidics & vacuum systems. Our strength lies in the tailor-made integration and the multidisciplinary approach of each design project.

Besides our services, Demcon kryoz also develops its own OEM (cryo)cooling products for both life-science and space applications.


At Demcon kryoz we have developed an ultra-low- vibration miniature cryogenic cooler as a OEM-product. This cooler is designed specifically for use in high-resolution microscopy applications, including SEM, FIB and FM. Its very small size, the ability to maneuver in six degrees of freedom, and a localized cooling- down ability to -175°C, makes it unique. And all of this without using liquid nitrogen.

Recent Developments