CryoVac is a supplier of customized cryogenic, low temperature and vacuum systems for a wide range of research and industrial applications. Customers can choose from a broad range of cryogenic equipment, open or closed cycle (refrigerator) systems, with the sample in vacuum or exchange gas, with sizes ranging from small systems for operation with a microscope to room size cryostat systems that operate for days. Systems are available from the mK range up to 800K.  

Expertise and Products

Over the course of 45 years, CryoVac has provided solutions for nearly all experimental requirements at low temperatures. The main focus is placed on UHV, low vibration, dry and low loss systems. All systems are custom and hand-made, all design, engineering, machining, brazing, welding is done in-house and allows CryoVac to fully vary options for customers and respond fast to specifications, even once the manufacturing process is underway.

All necessary accessories, such as e.g. temperature controller, transfer lines, cryogenics and vacuum equipment are designed, manufactured and sold by CryoVac too. Design and engineering of their systems are done in close cooperation with customers. Starting from the first idea and initial design, customers are a part of the process, to ensure the best solution for customized experiments or application. Customers can either choose from a broad range of starting designs, customizable to the very last detail or challenge them with your unique problem and CryoVac will start from scratch.