Cryospain - We add value to Cryogenics

Integration of equipment for complete cryogenic solutions

Cryospain is a company with large experience in the field of industrial cryogenics, fully satisfying its customers with the design, manufacture, assembly, technical assistance and maintenance of equipment and installations related to cryogenics and high-pressure gases. Cryospain installations may be found in more than 20 countries. The company offers a constant technical support and supervision, focused on the customer long-term satisfaction.

Process and control

Our experienced team can design the systems needed for supplying and climatizing every type of cryogenic gas and liquid, such as gasification and supply plants, bottling systems, tank charging and discharging systems and liquid supply systems.


Our engineering team possesses the latest design software packages, such as AutoPipe, SolidWorks Premium, AutoCAD, and Autodesk Inventor. We have experience of adhering to the most highly recognised codes when carrying out our projects, such as API 620, API 650, API 2000, API 520, ASME PVBC,EN13445, etc ... We can adapt to meet the regulatory requirements all over the world.

Piping and equipment

Our experience working on projects for tanks and piping for different services and customers allows us to develop and design piping, tanks and equipment in accordance with the most stringent of design and quality requirements, as well as meet the specific needs of each customer and sector.

Cryogenic tanks - Storage Installations for low pressure gases

Cryospain has a vast experience in the design, offsite prefabrication and onsite assembly, as well as in terms of providing technical support, for every type of cryogenic storage tank for low pressure liquefied gases, built in accordance with industry standard (API 620, EN 14620 and any additional standards relating to seismic, wind, stairs and platform design). We have the technical and financial ability to supply turnkey low pressure liquefied-air gas tanks from 500 50 10000 m3 with double-skinned steel frames and are heat insulated using high-tech materials (cellular glass, expanded perlite, mineral wool, ...).

Super-insulated piping

We design pipes and components for transporting liquefied gases without any thermal leakages. When thermal leakages and the avoidance of the gasification of liquids are important, we offer a suitable vacuum-insulated solution: piping, steam traps, phase separators and instant cooling systems. We work in every kind of sector from the production of LIN, LOX, LAR, LNG, LNG bunkering and in sectors like cryobiology and the aerospace and alimentary industry.

Satellite plants

We design, fully install as well as monitor and maintain satellite plants that distribute natural gas within plants, to populations living remotely from production centres or to where piped gas is unavailable. All plants are designed in accordance with the customer's requirements in terms of storage and the supply flow rate through the use of a modular design and standard components.

Cylinder filling systems

Cryospain can supply and install complete high-pressure gas-filling systems as well as any other components that may relate to them, providing comprehensive solutions for production companies to distributors of industrial as well as medicinal gases. Furthermore, at Cryospain we provide a wide range of auxiliary equipment for filling installations, cylinder maintenance, production tracking control.


Supplying and selling the latest cryogenic technology

Cryospain is not only about innovative engineering and design. we are also distributors for some of the leading cryogenic component and equipment manufactures, products which we also install in our own projects.

  • Cryogenic (centrifugal and piston) pumps
  • Cryogenic valves
  • Valves for high pressure gas cylinder
  • Vaporizing systems (ambient-, hot water, steam and electric vaporizer, combustion fuel fired vaporizers, mobile vaporizers,  pressure building vaporizers, gas heaters)

Technical support

Cryospain offers maintenance and repair of

  • cryogenic pumps - the company has a workshop with a clean room dedicated to this service
  • cryogenic tanks and road tankers - the company has a workshop used exclusively for inspecting and repairing vacuum liquids in every type of cryogenic container.