The Cryoconcept France SA Company was founded in 2001. It has been bought back by three of his employees in 2014. The Company designs and manufactures Dry and Wet Ultra Low Temperature dilution refrigerators. Since its foundation, Cryoconcept has successfully installed more than 120 systems worldwide.

Experties and Products/available facilities

The product ranges:

  • Hexa Dry 200 and 400 in sizes M (300 mm) L (400 mm) XL (500 mm)
  • Hexa Wet 30, 100, 200 and 400

Cryoconcept is located in the “zone d’activité de Courtaboeuf”, close to Paris – France and to the “Paris-Saclay Scientific Pole”. The Company extends on 720 m2 with an assembly and test workshop of 500 m2.


  • Condensed mater
  • Dark Matter Research - Bolometry
  • Quantum Computing

Recent developments

The Hexa Dry range of dilution refrigerators are built around and exchange gas system between the PT cold head and the 50K and 4K stages of the dilution unit.
This technology is the heart of the Ultra Quiet Technology which keep the vibration level of the entire cryostat below 40 nm in the 1 to 1KHz vibration range in continuous mode while the PT cooler is running and without any need for recondensed helium on the 4K stage.