Climate Care Solutions

A climate-neutral Europe thanks to cryogenic carbon capture technology.

Climate Care Solutions (CCS) is the R&D departement of LM Engineering ( We conduct research on innovative solutions with the aim of tackling industrial pollution in a way that aligns with economic viability. At CCS we design and build installations for our industrial clients allowing them to operate and produce free from carbon emissions. By developing our own cryogenic process, we help to rapidly convert challenges into sustainable solutions.

Expertise and Products

CCS’s bolt-on system begins by cleaning harmful emissions from industrial flue gas. Using a custom-built cryogenic technique, carbon dioxide is then seperated and liquefied. This liquid CO₂ can then be stored safely or used in various industries, according to customer requirements. The byproduct of this process, a stream of purified gas, is recycled and utilized as a sustainable refrigerant. This technology not only captures and repurposes carbon effectively but also contributes to a greener planet by reducing industrial carbon footprints.