STÖHR ARMATUREN has specialized in engineering and manufacture of valves for gases and fluids since the 1960s. Cryogenic temperatures down to 2K, high pressure up to 800 bar, high leak tightness, media compatibility and short shutter time characterize our products. Actuation of our products can be manual, pneumatic, hydraulic, solenoid or electrical.

Expertise and products

Our fields of special expertise are valve technology, vacuum technology in combination with medium compatibility. STÖHR ARMATUREN is highly dedicated to highest quality and safety standards both for its products and its operations.

The STÖHR standard product range comprises fittings both for ambient and cryogenic temperatures, with highly precise control valves, globe valves, check valves and filters for installation in valve boxes, fitted in vacuum jackets or regular installation into pipes; relief valves and overflow valves - all made of solid stainless steel and sealed with bellows, with various body types and up to diameter DN 400. With its product range, STÖHR covers all pressure levels up to PN 800 and above. In addition, special valve designs for specific customer requirements are available.


We deliver to our core markets in the industrial gas industry, chemical industry, aerospace, marine engineering, energy technology and in science & research.

Recent developments:

Series UNIVERS 1600ranging from DN 4 to 300 in size as high-end cryogenic globe or control valve mainly for use with Helium, offering very low high heat loads, highly precise flow control and small footprint for installation and many other features for customers mainly in the science arena.

Ultra-high-pressure valves with bellow sealing of series 7100 and UHP800 for pressure levels between 360 to 800 bar and even above with high tightness to outside for hydrogen applications, both with manual and pneumatic actuation. Applications range from science, hydrogen tank stations to rocket engine test benches.