Description of the Company

Founded in 1899 and steeped in tradition. From 1984, we have established ourselves as a global player in vacuum and cryogenic engineering through quality, innovation and perfection.


Vacuum super-insulated transfer pipelines Rigid and flexible
Various nominal diameters
Flanged connections or welded sleeves
Valves Manually operated
Pneumatically driven
Vacuum-insulated components Phase separators
Cold traps & subcoolers
Cryogenic boxes and apparatus
Manufacturing standards and certificates ASME B31.3
PED 97/23
ISO 9001:2015


Vacuum super-insulated pipelines

We produce vacuum-insulated pipe systems necessary for the transport of cryogenic liquefied gases – nitrogen, oxygen, argon, helium and hydrogen.
The equalization of the contraction between the vacuum jacket and the inner medium-conveying pipe is done by installing expansion bellows.
To reduce heat ingress, low-loss supports are used between the outer and inner pipe.
Pipeline parts are coupled by means of flanged connections or welded sleeves.
A combined evacuation and safety valve is positioned in every vacuum space. It allows the connection of a vacuum lock with pump and protects the outer pipe against excess pressure. Inner and outer pipes are subjected to a helium leakage test during production and before delivery.
To maintain the insulation vacuum, active adsorption materials are installed in the medium-conveying pipe.


  • LNG industry
  • Cryogenic air separation
  • Food industry
  • Aerospace technology
  • Medical technology
  • Research and development

Recent developments

In 2018 we successfully completed our to this date largest LNG project with 12 kilometers of DN 600 pipes.