MT Aerospace

Forming Technology, Creating the Future

MT Aerospace AG, a subsidiary of the space and technology group OHB SE, is a technology company with around 600 employees across three sites in Augsburg, Bremen and Kourou, French Guiana. MT Aerospace is a leader in lightweight structures made from metal and composite materials. The company develops and produces key components and systems for the international space and aerospace industry. Through its ten percent work share, MT Aerospace is the largest supplier within the ARIANE European launcher programme outside France. MT Aerospace is a pioneer in sustainable and climate-friendly mobility applications and industrial solutions through its expertise in lightweight construction, hydrogen technology and additive manufacturing.

Recent Developments

  • Tanks and structures for Ariane 5
  • Ariane 5ME
  • Ariane 6
  • Tank panels for Boeing SLS

Expertise and Products

  • CFRP structures for the aerospace industry
  • Use of the most modern CFRP stripping processes by means of AFP
  • Cryogenic class 5 water and oxygen tanks
  • Additive manufacturing for all branches of industry as well as aerospace with focus on cryogenic application conditions
  • Hydrogen technology


  • Cryogenic water and oxygen tanks
  • Aerospace structures

Left: In the technology development PHOEBUS for the future optimized upper stage called "Icarus", full use is being made of CFRP 
© ArianeGroup
Right: The CFRP tank specially developed by MT Aerospace AG has proven hydrogen-tight at a frosty -253°C. © MT Aerospace AG

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