Cryoworld BV

advancing in Cryogenics

CRYOWORLD is an advanced specialist in engineering and fabrication of cryogenic projects and is firmly based on extensive experience in both the theoretical as well as the practical field. Our core business is design, production, testing and installation of Helium-, Nitrogen- and other custom designed cryogenic equipment.

In our production facility our dedicated engineers and specialists make sure every project meets the highest quality standards. The cryogenic systems for various liquid gasses are used in industrial and scientific applications and delivered to renowned companies and institutes worldwide.

Expertise and Products:

CRYOWORLD provides advanced systems for cryogenic applications, either for Helium, Nitrogen or other cryogenic fluids. Our fields of expertise include customized systems for liquid Nitrogen, Helium and other cryogenic liquids, for example:

  • Valve boxes for liquid Helium
  • Liquid Helium transfer lines
  • Cryogenic pressure vessels
  • Special cryostats
  • Special cryogenic processes and equipment
  • Innovative design, cryogenic prototyping
  • Accurate sensing and controlling of cryogenic processes, level, pressure and temperature
  • Custom built valves