Cryogenic protection

Manufacturing company producing gloves and garments for cryogenic use.
All production is ISO 9001 certified and all PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) are CE certified in 3rd category.
All production and row material are “Made in Italy”.

Additional Information

Expertise and Products:

The company is involved in safety gloves market since 30 years, producing and selling Technical Gloves. About ten years ago the decision to concentrate all efforts to the cryogenic protection. Today the range of gloves and garments cover all protection needs from the laboratory to the tanker driver carrying liquid gases, from food market to cryotherapy.


For personal protection in all work in the presence of liquid nitrogen, or other cryogenic gases, to prevent burns in the event of leakage of the liquid gas, especially in transfer operations:

  • Biology
  • Biobanks
  • Food industry
  • Molecular cuisine
  • Gelateria
  • Chemical industry
  • Scientific research
  • Environmental Technologies
  • Medical Technologies
  • Computing
  • etc.