CAN superconductors

CAN superconductors is a leading European manufacturer of HTC superconducting bulk materials and components with more than 20 years market presence. We specialize in R&D and production of YBCO and Bi-2223 superconductors and REBCO powders. All our products are based on long-term research and experience in superconductivity and related fields. We supply superconductors not only for research and development but primarily for real commercial applications.


  • YBCO single and multi-domain melt textured crystals – levitation bulk
  • REBCO Targets
  • BSCCO Magnetic Shields
  • BSCCO Current Leads
  • REBCO Powders and Granulates
  • Superconductivity Demonstration Kits


Our YBCO crystals are suitable for applications using the effect of magnetic levitation such as self-stabilizing frictionless magnetic bearings of very low friction, flywheels, mixers etc.

  • Bi-2223 magnetic shields are used for perfect shielding of AC/DC low magnetic fields (e.g. for SQUIDs)
  • Bi-2223 current leads effectively reduce heat leak e.g. into superconducting magnets
  • REBCO Powders and Granulates – starting product for production of bulk products and tapes
  • REBCO Targets are used for sputtering, thin film deposition, production of tapes

Recent Developments

  • we supplied our products to 44 countries in 2018
  • in May 2019 we moved to new premises, giving us 3 times more the space and we have successfully developed 12“ REBCO sputtering targets
  • we make the largest available Bi-2223 magnetic shield (100 mm diameter)
  • we now offer BSCCO current leads that can carry up to 2,000 A (at 77 K)