First InK2 Newsletter available

Downloads | April 20th, 2017

From the newsletter:

This is the first newsletter of the EMPIR project ‘Implementing the new kelvin 2’ (InK2). The threeyear
project started in June 2016 and it is continuation to EMRP project ‘Implementing the new
kelvin’ (InK). The aim of the InK projects is to lead the thermometry community to a successful
redefinition of the kelvin. In 2018, the CIPM will introduce the most fundamental change to the SI
system ever undertaken since its inception. The new SI will be based on defined values of
fundamental constants. This momentous change needs to be supported with research and
documentation to ensure a successful and effective redefinition takes place.

Download the entire newsletter here: 1st InK2 e-Newsletter Mar2017.pdf