29th International Conference on Low Temperature Physics - postponed to 2022

29th International Conference on Low Temperature Physics - postponed to 2022

The Low Temperature conferences constitute the flagship conference series in low temperature physics and are the main events sponsored by the International Union of Pure and Applied Physics. The conferences aim to promote the exchange of information and views among the members of the international scientific community active in the field of Low Temperatures Physics. The topics cover several broad areas of interest, including

  •     Quantum Gases, Fluids and Solids
  •     Superconductivity
  •     Quantum Phase Transitions and Magnetism
  •     Conduction Electrons and Quantum Information Processing
  •     Applications, Materials and Techniques

The 29th International Conference on Low Temperature Physics (LT29) will take place in Sapporo, Japan, during August 15th-22nd 2020.  Sapporo, capital city of Hokkaido, is blessed with world-renowned nature for all to enjoy and it offers fresh and delicious food.
LT29 will introduce some new frameworks to reflect the rapid current progress in this field.            

Visit the official website of the conference for detailed information about the logistics and the important dates.
Deadline for early bird registration is the 15th of June 2020.
Abstracts must be submitted until the 15th of May 2020.

29.03.2020 The Organizing Commettee plans to held the conference as scheduled. In view of the current pandemic situation there is however no need to pay the registration fee yet. Have a look at the official announcement here.

02.11.2020 Due to pandemic situation the conference has been postponed to August 2022.

11.12.2021 LT29 will be held as hybrid event. Please check the official website  to keep up-to-date about the most importants dates.